Let me Introduce myself. I am Kamakhya Deori, I live in Jorhat,Assam,India and I am 13 Years Old. I study in Don Bosco High School, Lichubari,

Let me introduce you to the detective trio, Abhijeet, Harish And Ravi……………….something is bound to happen whenever they are near, Criminals fear them and like all mystery stories there is a happy ending……………..




54 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for coming by Doowans News & Events. We are fighting for a better planet for the children growing up now days. But the parents do seem to care any more. We can’t blame them as you can see from the post that we have been poisoned by our governments. However you can make a difference in your generation. We wish you much luck and happiness in your life. Thanks again! Doowans

  2. Great 007 – am writing from South India……life is a mystery so there is always plenty of subject matter! Read a few of your posts, enjoying……perhaps you might also include use more of the senses in your descriptions, what did it smell like, taste like, feel like…..colors, flavors, etc. Will keep reading, have only read a few posts so far…….but appreciate someone your age allowing the creativity to flow. In peace….

  3. Thanks for appreciating my blog. Though I’m not a great literary person, but loved your writing. And more impressed when i read your age.
    My second interest is the place where you come from sincei would like more insights on how you use mobile or technology to spread and share your talent.
    Keep up the good work

  4. Hello Super-Kam007. Thanks for liking my most recent post to my blog. It is very impressive to see a 13 year old blogging so well and confidently. Please keep up the good work. Best regards, Fumbler (Evan).

  5. Hey bro i am very much surprised after reading ” ABOUT” in your blog and all the best………………i will follow your blog definitely….keep up good work. i am from andhra pradesh.

  6. wow it’s really nice to see your blog. I from your neighboring state “West Bengal” and would really like to know how you made your blog so popular in such short time 🙂 !!! hope to get a reply soon !

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