Chapter 6 @ Abhi’s Task

Abhijeet Decided to visit Mrs. Franklin’s house first because the latest theft took place at her house……….so there might still be some evidences left, so off he went to the luxury home which belonged. “This is better than I expected” He said looking at the house….It was a four-storeyd building and looked more like a office building, it had large glasses instead of walls at the 1st floor. “She has the whole house whole to herself………when her hubby isn’t there!! Fancy Her!!” said Abhijeet and began to think of an idea to enter the house. He had a hundred rupee note, so he decided to try his luck with it…and he threw his rupee into the air and off it fell into Mrs. Franklin’s garden.”Lucky me” he said and rang the doorbell, which was on the gate.

Abhi pressed it and came aloud beep…………nobody came out of the house, but instead a voice came from the doorbell!! “Who are you and what do you want?” . Abhi realized that the doorbell had a microphone attached and the voice belonged to Mrs. Franklin. “I am Abhijeet, I am living at Mrs. Swan’s residence.”What do you want” came the voice from the doorbell. “My 100 rupee note has fallen inside, may I have your permission to collect it from you garden” Abhi said.”Oh! you may………just keep in mind not to destroy the plants or anything of that sort” she said. Abhi got the green signal and rushed into the garden.

As Mrs. Franklin was in the garden, instead of the room…………..So he had plenty of time to look for evidences. He knew where he had thrown the note and at once collected it from the spot and put it back into his pocket. He acted as if he was finding the note, but instead he was busy looking for evidences……….He went to the place where the drainage pipe was located……………he started looking all around it and all he found was:- NOTHING!!. “Oh!! I wasted my time” he said and decided to go to the next. He thanked Mrs. Franklin and went out of the house.

“Next Stop:- Mrs. Merry weather” said Abhijeet and started his journey……….He was feeling exasperated……….so he decided to have a ice cream cone and went to the nearest scoops parlor. He had a strawberry cone  and started towards Mrs. Merry weather.

Mrs. Merryweather wasn’t at home but her maid was generous enough to let him explore the garden. He started his search, and this time he got an early victory…………….he got a footprint which was identical to the sketch that Harish ‘Da Vinci’ had drawn. He has a xerox copy of it…………… he got himself engaged in examining the footprints. “It Matched” he exclaimed happily……..Then he decided to search for more………………since the ground was wet he could clearly see the footprints. It looked like the thief came from the wall, ” he must have climbed up the wall and he must have went through this way” he thought and carefully noted down his observation.

He also saw some some footprints that had dried up and wasn’t clearly visible………..but his sharp eyes could see it clearly “So he climbed up this way………and did his work and came back the same way………………looks like my work here is done ” he said and went out. He went to the backside of the house and looked carefully at the wall and noticed carefully the footprints……….he followed the footprints to Mrs. Alfonso’s house but after that the footprints had disappeared.


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