The Jewel Thief Part 3

The Boys Ran Up The Stairs and reached the room where the theft took place. “We better not touch anything” said Abhijeet as they entered the room. The room was like in the old fashioned movies, with a rocking chair and a small table and a iron safe and a quite odd bed. The walls were painted red and the floor had been marbled. “Don’t leave any corner un-noticed, we need evidences” said Ravi. “Clues” you mean”said Harish. “Exactly”.

Soon they were engaged in searching for clues, everywhere……………the ceiling, floor, the window and the others, careful enough not to touch anything. “Hey Harish!! If we found anything, how can we take it” asked Abhi. “Don’t Worry, I have a pencil and a sketchpad, If we find any clues, we will keep a sketch of it” he replied. Harish was very good in drawing, he could draw everything that ‘Da Vinci’ could.

“Hey, I have found something” Came the shout of Ravi.”What is it?” Asked Abhijeet and Harish. ” It is a piece of cloth”. It was stuck on the window. Harish Took Its sketches while Abhijeet sorted it out. “The thief must have come and gone through the window, he must be wearing poor quality cloth or otherwise it would have not torn from his shirt, Hari…….note it down”. ” Now we know how he came…..he must have climbed the drainage pipe” Ravi said, excitedly.”So…….so he must have left his footprints at the backyard” Abhi said. “Exactly” Harish said. ” So, why are we waiting here” said Ravi and they raced to the backyard.

The thief had indeed left the footprints, much to the excitement to the trio. Harish quickly sketched it. “The thief must be halfway the pipe, when aunt came, so………he jumped. This created his footprints here, there are no any other footprints other than this” Ravi Said……………It was getting late and moreover, the trio were sleepy………… decided to retire for the day.

The next day, they were for a shock………….the footprints and the piece of cloth, both were missing, “The thief must have come at night and must have destroyed the evidences” said Abhijeet. The police had come, and had found nothing…… they went away saying that the thief would soon be caught. “It means that nobody other than us has the evidence…………Good” Said Ravi. Suddenly Harish came running. “What happened?” asked Abhijeet. “Have you read the newspaper?” asked Harish handing them the newspaper. They were bewildered to see the newspaper headlines. It was written “THIEF STEALS JEWELS FROM ANOTHER FIVE HOUSES”. “The thief is on the prowl, that is hungry for diamonds. They thief had robbed diamonds and jewels from six houses in the last two days. The police had got no evidence in any case but the experts say that it has been committed by the same person because it was carried in the same way”.

“Wow! ” said Ravi, after reading the headlines. “It means we are ahead of the police” He said. “But we should find for more evidence to get to the real culprit………..I am having a strange feeling that no one other than us will solve the case” Said Abhijeet.


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